Professor Keith Cleland's book "IMPROVING PROFIT" details the concept and illustrates how the TARI® (Target Average Rate Index) metrics are not unlike a GPS system, providing the business with key live and up to date data and leaving management free to deal with day to day events, while keeping the business on track to reach a planned destination.

The business-end of CBA (Contribution Based Activity),TARI®, is a startlingly simple concept, proved in manufacturing, service and retail businesses, small and large, over the past 20 years; it provides a clear advantage over competitors, empowers marketing and sales, motivates increased productivity and infuses management and staff with a new sense of direction and purpose.

Don't take our word for it, read the testimonials of those applying TARI®.

We encourage you to read about the features of this web application and sign yourself in to trial with your own "Sample Business". The "Sample" business carries all features except that it must be renewed very 21 days to accept further data entry. When you wish to create a "live" business, a subscription is required and available within the web application.  

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